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About Telstra Mobile

Telstra Mobile is the largest mobile provider in Australia, both in terms of subscribers and the service area for which they cover.  They were also the first providers of mobile coverage in Australia, providing car phone coverage as early as 1981, and cell phone coverage from 1987.

Telstra Mobile is the mobile phone division of Telstra, the Australian telecoms giant and used to be Australia Telecom, the monopoly provider of all phone services in Australia.  Telstra were previously state owned but were privatised in 1996.

In 2006 Telstra announced the unveiling of its 3G network, Next G.  The area it covers is three times larger than any other single network.  Most of these areas are under populated rural areas.  In terms of population the coverage is not better than the competition, except in some predominantly rural areas such as Tasmania.  For people who are likely to be travelling across country then the coverage is a real issue and the wide coverage area which Telstra provides may be of benefit.  However, for users likely to be staying in cities and other highly populated areas then there is not a significant difference in coverage offered by other providers.

The prices for contracts with Telstra are among some of the highest in Australia.  There is not such a difference however, with prepaid phones. The handsets that Telstra Mobile support tend to be older than other providers such as Virgin. One of the best selling points for Telstra is it’s customer service.  The Telstra shop has a reputation for knowledgeable and helpful staff with quick waiting times.

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