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BlackBerry Pearl 8120

The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is without a doubt a sleek and sturdy handset – currently available on plans with Vodafone, Boost Mobile and Telstra Mobile.BlackBerry Pearl 8120

This is slim and lightweight with a elegant stainless steel trim, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 makes a sophisticated design statement. The large, square screen has excellent resolution and brightness, but unfortunately has to shrink widescreen videos so the playback isn’t as impressive as it could be. Looking at the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 you would also notice the unusual keypad. Rather than include the full QWERTY keyboard the rest of the BlackBerry phones use, the Pearl series feature a dual-input QWERTY keypad on which each key uses two letters but it is still laid out in QWERTY format. This takes some getting used to. Thankfully the predictive text software is intuitive and accurate.

Speaking of software, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 features a comprehensive and impressive media suite which was developed in association with Roxio. While the Pearl 8120 itself only supports a select few audio and video formats, the Roxio program also comes with a file converter, so you should have no issues getting most of your files to play on your handset. A make or break feaqture of many smartphones in whether or not they include a 3.5mm headphone jack(thus allowing you to use your won headphones) or not and force you to use the often-low quality earbuds that came in the box. The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 thankfully does have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

There is also a microSD slot which is accessible from the outside of the phone and can be used while the phone is on – one handy application for this would be if you wanted to get photos off of your camera and load them onto your computer it would only be a ma\tter of pulling out the microCD, popping into an SD adapter and then slipping into your computer’s card reader slot.  Though now its been brought up it needs to be said: the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 does not have a good camera. At the same time as many of Blackberry’s competitors are including 5x megapixel cameras (like the Samsung Icon, Nokia E72 and Sony Ericsson C903), the Pearl 8120 only has a 2x megapixel camera which takes poor quality images even with the help of the LCD flash.  Also a minus: the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 does not have 3G or HSPDA connectivity – but does feature WiFi – a move that results in the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 having no internet connectivity outside of a WiFi area. It does feature WAP and GPRS, but for Australian customers these are no real alternatives and for most of us, the only places WiFi is accessible is at home or at work, where you could just access the internet via a computer anyway so why would you bother with the phone?

Though let’s get back to positives with the battery life – expect about 5 days between charges with moderate usage which is great considering that the latest Nokias (reknowed for their long battery life) are peaking at around 3 days. Like most phones it will also charge while connected via USB so if you plug in the phone to use as a storage device, the battery will also be being boosted.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is a snazzy little handset. Truth be told the multimedia capabilities are really not that great and the camera leaves much to be desired, but if you are after a practical and functional smartphone it will do the job and do it well. This would be the ideal handset if only it were optimised for Australian users with 3G and HSPDA connectivity.

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