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Nokia Suffer Losses with Delayed Smartphones

After announcing further delays with their new smartphone range, Nokia have suffered a drop in share prices.

iPhone 4G Conspiracy Thickens as Rumours Abound

First it was tech blog Engadget who found the latest generation Apple iPhone on the floor of a bar in San Jose, California. Now, according to an AFP article it was tech blog Gizmodo, and the bar floor was in Redwood City. Who to believe?

Microsoft Kin TV Ad Pulled due to Sexting Fears

Not long after the launch of their new line of social networking handsets, Microsoft have had to pull their ads for the Kin series after claims that they encouraged sexting.

iPhone prototype “left on a bar floor”

Apparently a next-generation iPhone was left on the floor of a bar in San Jose. Is it the real deal or just a fake?

Vodafone, Telstra and Three Mobile Bringing the iPad to Australia

The much-awaited iPad will be made available to Australians towards the end of May care of Telstra Mobile, Vodafone and Three Mobile.

iPad Alternatives

Like the idea of the iPad but can’t get over those niggling idiosyncracies? Never fear, some slate PC alternatives are on the way…

Companies To Raise their Hands for Palm

Palm, makers of what could be argued as the first ever smartphone, are up for sale according to this BBC article.

Microsoft Jump In With “Project Pink”

Microsoft Corp. have made the leap, much like Apple did, from PC to mobile phones. The new mobiles, called the Kin One and Kin Two were shown off yesterday at the official unveiling.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Unveiled

The long-awaited Apple iPhone OS 4.0 was revealed yesterday and features some very welcome, and overdue, features.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 in the Works

Apple have announced plans to unveil the new iPhone operating system later this week.