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iPhone 4G Conspiracy Thickens as Rumours Abound

First it was tech blog Engadget who got pictures of the latest generation Apple iPhone on the floor of a bar in San Jose, California. Now, according to an AFP article it was tech blog Gizmodo, and the bar floor was in Redwood City. Who to believe?

The new iPhone, according to Gizmodo

More rumours are circulating about the much-anticipated next-generation iPhone, the most recent being a lost handset recovered by a tech blog in a bar. Which tech blog though? And which bar? Engadget claim to have found it in San Jose, but Gizmodo claim it was Redwood City (about 40 kilometres away). And now Apple want it back according to this article at PC World, corroborated by this post on Gizmodo.

Some people are convinced it is real, others say that it is a fake. Either way, we’re all excited about the next generation iPhone. So what are some of the rumours?

- a front facing video camera

- camera flash

- a “16%” larger battery

- a squarer case design

- a glass or ceramic back plate

- a micro-SIM instead of regular SIM input

- 80 GB of storage

- multi-tasking capability

- a higher resolution screen that is also somehow smaller

All we know for sure is that Apple is keeping a tight lid on the details of the new iPhone, and we’ll discover all at the end of June (rumoured to be June 22nd).

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