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iPad Alternatives

Like the idea of the iPad but can’t get over those niggling idiosyncracies? This article gives a peek into some alternatives set to challenge the Apple gadget.

Just like how the iPhone preceded a whole new class of mobile phones, the iPad has inspired other tech creators to develop their own slate-style PC gadgets.

The Microsoft Courier is a favourite. Though it is yet to be confirmed by the company, photos of this seven inch touch-screen gizmo  have made their way to the internet. The Courier has a rear mounted camera and can charge wirelessly and sync wirelessly.

Google have made it known with the Nexus One that they are intent on challenging Apple, and they will continue to do so with a yet-to-be-name table PC based on the Android operating system. Like the Nexus One, Google are likely planning to couple up with HTC on the hardware front.

HP are ahead of the game with the Slate, due for release later this year. Running the Windows 7 OS, the Slate is going to be compatible with Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader and cost slightly more than the iPad.

Two relatively unknown players in the telecommunications industry, Plastic Logic and Archos have both come out with tablet PCs. Plastic Logic have created the Que – more targeted towards aiding business people with a good word processing, editing and web access utilities. Archos have the Archos 9 PC Tablet which runs Windows 7, supports full-HD video playback, has a webcam for Skype calls and video conferencing and supports Flash – several of the features that are sorely missed with the iPad.

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