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LG Viewty

LG have thrown down the gauntlet with the Viewty, a 3G touchscreen extravaganza with features up the ying yang.

LG Viewty with StylusThe main feature of the Viewty is perhaps that it is one of the first fully touchscreen handsets available that doesn’t have a half-eaten apple logo on it. But touchscreen technology is tricky, and the Viewty’s user interface switches between icons that are happy to be tapped with a finger, and ones that need to be delicately selected with the included stylus. Aside from the occasional switch, the touchscreen is quite intuitive and can be set to vibrate when selected, which gives the Viewty a more tactile quality than its touchscreen counterparts.

The HSPDA connection allows for fast internet browsing on a 3G carrier, with built in links to Google Maps and YouTube. A flick of the finger allows you to scroll and zoom with intuitive ease. The LG Viewty also includes Bluetooth connection, media player, voice-recorder and FM radio – which is still a valuable inclusion in a handset.

The Viewty does not have an input for standard 3.5mm headphone jacks – but does come with an adapter that fits into the USB input so you can use your favourite headphones when enjoying the Viewty’s media gallery. There is also a video output so you can show your videos and photos on a tv screen with ease. The default video format is DivX, which is one of the most agreeable formats and you will find moving videos on and off your phone much easier than on other handsets.

Battery life is good, especially for an energy-guzzling touch screen gadget. You can expect to get 3 to 4 days out of a full charge with normal usage and the unit can charge via and A/C adapter or via USB cable into your computer

LG have disappointed with the Vewty in one major category however, the camera. Despite all evidence to the contrary (the 5 megapixel resolution, auto-sports focus, xenon flash,  and image stabilisation) this phone doesn’t take very good photos. Images taken using the flash are often overexposed or washed out, and without the flash the contrast is poor. Using the camera with low light settings and image sensitivity on leads to grainy images. Positively though, the camera can record video which can be uploaded to YouTube via the fast HSPDA data connection, and the camera has an entertaining but otherwise useless 120 frames per second setting for recording in slow motion.

A lesson that that Apple could learn from the Viewty, however,  is the inclusion of a front-facing camera – since these large, touch screen gadgets are perfect for video-calling and the Viewty does it particularly well.

If you are mesmerized by touchscreen, web-browsing shiny things, you could do much worse that the LG Viewty. Features like FM radio and Bluetooth are being missed on gadgets like the iPhone, and with the Viewty you are as close as possible to getting the best of both worlds.

The LG Viewty is available on Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Telstra and Three plans.

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